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Bob Lockwood chairman, director and adviser at AMP Genesis for the last 15 years sadly passed away peacefully at home Friday afternoon, 24 June. He had a great send of 1st off July surrounded by close friends and family.

As you may or may not have known, Bob was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer early April this year. For the last few months he has spent as much time as possible seeing friends and family, reminiscing about past times and laughing over good memories. He was managing very well, if with less energy, until his final week. Sadly, his energy deteriorated and his body declined rapidly. Fortunately he was not in much pain, and not for long. We are glad that his illness was not drawn out, and that he did not suffer badly.

And although we have known since his diagnosis that this day was coming, the finality of his death has still been a shock to us all.

AMP Genesis and the Lockwood family truly appreciate all the messages of support we've received over the last few months. Bob, particularly, loved all the emails and calls he had from people all over the world.

Thankfully he had nothing left on his bucket list and had time to tidy his affairs and left his family financially secure through his life cover he had in place.

He was a very, very special man with a big heart and an even bigger laugh that we will miss dearly.

If you have any questions regarding Bob or your insurances going forward Rowan Lockwood and Catherine Stone will be on hand to answer all your queries.