It’s easy to take good health for granted, especially when we’re younger. 

Without it, we may lose the ability to keep working to meet our financial obligations and provide for ourselves, and people who depend on us.  We may also be unable to enjoy the lifestyle we’ve built up.

When setting your financial goals, it’s important to consider not just building wealth, but also retaining it.  This includes assessing your risks – things that could have a major impact on your financial health if they were to eventuate.

Where life insurance can give financial certainty to loved ones upon death or terminal illness, Crisis Cover (also called Trauma cover) can safeguard your financial future so that if you get seriously ill, there’s some cash available to help you maintain your quality of life.

Although it’s not possible - nor practical - to be covered for every illness, AMP Crisis Cover can protect you financially from a range of serious medical conditions, including three of the most common – cancer, heart attack and stroke1. 

AMP Crisis Cover claims are paid by way of a lump sum payment.  The money can be used however you wish – whether it be paying the mortgage while you’re off work, accessing faster treatment through private healthcare, or to pay for rehabilitation and/or ongoing medical costs. 

Having the ability to pay for ongoing costs can free you from financial stress, allowing you to focus on your recovery. You and your Adviser can work out the amount of cover you need, taking into account your household income, family obligations, existing savings and the amount of your mortgage

Please refer to the AMP Lifetrack Policy Document for the full terms and conditions that apply to AMP Crisis Cover and the medical conditions that are covered.
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